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PlanMan Oy is a Tampere-based software company founded in 2008, focusing on project management products. Own product development is PlanMan Project and Tocoman Aikataulu project management software. The software is compatible with one another.

PlanMan Project software is represented by PlanMan Oy, ASApro Projektipalvelu and KuntaPlus Projektipalvelu.

Tocoman Aikataulu software is represented by Tocoman Oy.

In addition to our own products, we also develop subcontracting software.
As a subcontract, we have developed, for example, the ERP service area and the mapping interface’s nature observation system at the University of Helsinki.

Our software has over 300 customer companies in various industries. For example, we have 60 cities and municipalities in Finland. There are already 200 construction companies as well as other construction companies 40.

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